International Seminar of Interreligious and Intercultural Studies 2018

     Tittle Proceeding Book – International Seminar of Interreligious and Intercultural Studies 2018
     Sub Bali Hinduism, Tradition and Interreligious Studies
     Date 10th March 2018
     ISBN 978-602-52255-0-5




Bali is one and last Hindu mosaic in Southeast Asia. For a very long time, Bali is famed for its unique local tradition, which has adopted and adapted many positive foreign influences. However, the negative impact due to the globalization cannot be ignored. Although Hinduism is considered a minority religion in Indonesia, it plays a significant role in creating a harmonious life and living in Indonesia. With all its cultural specifies, Bali Hinduism has been in collaboration with other religions in Indonesia such as Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, local beliefs and other faith traditions. This is done within the context of existing socio-cultural dynamics in an ever-changing (post) modern Indonesia.
The International Seminar: Bali Hinduism, Tradition and Interreligious Studies were addressing issues on Bali Hinduism in globalized world, social and culture linkage in Indonesia, role of religions in heterogeneity and interreligious comparative studies in order to strengthen the unity in diversity. It is quite amazing to see a large number of papers from various fields of science joining together on subject ranging from science to senses. There are 61 papers to be presented on this proceeding book, those has been categorized in four specified topics: Bali Hinduism in Modern and Postmodern World, Tradition, Local Wisdom and Sustainability, Interreligious Studies in Globalized World, and Conflict, Tradition and Modernity. With the number more than 60 of papers on cultures, traditions and religions, I am sure the noble purpose of the forum, which is to maintain interreligious and cultural relations in Indonesia, will be achieved.
Finally, it has been your registration and submitted paper which allows this precious book. The kindest support of Rector of Hindu University of Indonesia, Prof. I Made Damriyasa, and marvelous job of committee team deserve a big applause for this proceeding book. Hopefully the book could usefull in developing interreligious and culture studies.

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